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ArmorTuf High-Impact Interior Liner Panels

Crane Composites, Inc. is the world leader in fiberglass reinforced plastic panels for the transportation industry. We remain dedicated to new product development and continuous improvements across key transportation related products, including sea containers.


The global container shipping network is the backbone of the intercontinental supply chain. Roughly 98% of intercontinental shipments are performed using sea containers.


Crane has provided the sea container market with a lighter weight Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panel liner to replace stainless steel in the construction of refrigerated sea containers.


Save up to 450 kg (1,100 lbs.) compared to stainless steel lined container.

Less Weight. More Freight!


A study comparing cradle-to-grave of an FRP Sea Container Liner System and a Stainless Steel Sea Container Liner System showed that the FRP Liner System has a lower environmental impact over a Stainless Steel Liner System. Compare for yourself.




Our products are being widely trialed as replacement liners for refrigerated containers. With new container costs nearing an all-time high, extending the useful life of veteran containers can be a cost effective and extremely attractive alternative. Replacing de-laminated and highly worn stainless steel liners with our lighter, easier to clean and more damage resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) materials will return the interior appearance to pristine condition.


When the cosmetic appearance of your containers is so dramatically improved, the number of revenue loads can also be increased due to better customer acceptance.


The results of our trials indicate that utilizing Crane products and certified refurbishing locations to renew your container lining would result in creating approximately 30 incremental revenue loads. Based on average revenue per load of $3,000, an extended life of 5 years would create an additional income of $90,000. The cost of refurbishing would be less than 5% of that amount.


Kits have been developed containing the materials for all the various liner and door panel replacements required. We have trained and certified refurbishing locations to perform the revitalization process and are ready to do prototypes or pilot quantities for your company so you can evaluate potential of extended life for your valuable assets.


Give us the opportunity and we'll make a positive impact on your bottom line as easily as you can say
"Ask for Crane by Name!


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