Customer Support

Our Customer Support teams are inspired by one common objective: to help our customers succeed. Customers inspire our trained staff of experts to deliver timely, practical and innovative solutions that help them grow their business. From product information and service, to testing and technical support, all our products are backed with the resources you need, when you need them.

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Technical Support

Our comprehensive in-house test lab includes a wide range of mechanical and chemical test capability, so we can continuously evaluate products. Our technical support team is constantly enhancing the performance of our products by integrating the knowledge we gain from listening to customers and by rigorously testing our materials. Whether you are looking for the latest product physical properties, fire rating test results, other external test reports or safety data sheets, you can find the information you need in our online Resource Center.


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Customer Service

Dedicated Sales and Customer Service Support by Market | On-Line Support

Our commitment to customers extends beyond our legacy of providing of high-quality, proven products. We believe that ongoing communications and finding solutions to customer needs are just as critical to their success. Our all-inclusive Resource Center includes product brochures, technical data sheets, installation and maintenance instructions and warranty information, available any time you need it. In addition, our online customer portal makes it quick and easy to check order status 24 hours a day.


Located worldwide, our District Sales Managers are experts in specific Crane Composites markets and helping customers succeed with our products. They provide customers with the latest information on Crane products and capabilities, as well as industry insights, knowledge and best-practices.


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