Heavy Duty Liners for Trailers, Truck Bodies, Containers and Tanks

Robust resin system engineered for surface hardness and durability


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Wall Panels with Performance, Texture and Style for Building Products

Traditional features of FRP combined with a variety of textures and patterns. Including DESIGNS decorative panels


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Engineered Solutions

Daylighting and Industrial Building Products

Solutions provided by combining resins, profiles and reinforcements


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Exterior and Interior High Gloss Panels for RVs

High-gloss coilable fiberglass with a durable, advanced resin system


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Sanitary and Durable Wall and Ceiling Panels for Building Products

Global leader of FRP wall panels as Kemlite. Enhanced with Surfaseal® to provide extra protection against stains


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Kemlite® Transportation

Liners and Roofs for Trailers and Truck Bodies

Fiberglass with a durable, cleanable, resin rich embossed surface


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Exterior Sidewall Premium Finish for RVs

Industry leading sheet glass lauan-backed and wood-free panels


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Traditional Wall, Ceiling and Corrugated Panels for Building Products

Traditional products for light commercial and residential use


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