CRANE Composite Floors


For a truck body flooring solution with superior durability, one product rises above materials such as extruded aluminum plank, plywood, other wood products, and laminated solutions: Crane Composites fiberglass reinforced plastic (frp) Composite Floors. The Crane Composite Floorsis designed to increase productivity at the OEM level while also lowering the total cost of ownership for the end-user.


Crane Composite Floorsis...

An all-composite, wood-free floor solution offering high strength-to-weight characteristics for structural and non-structural applications. Allows for significant weight and labor savings versus traditional materials. Will not rot or corrode and is highly water resistant. Floors can be optimized for weight and cost while achieving application-specific physical property requirements. Customized size and cutouts to suit your vehicle’s needs.



Composite FloorsBenefits


Composite Floorsare the superior solution when compared to alternative materials such as wood and aluminum, leading to a clear advantage for the end user and OEM:
• Improved Productivity • Weight Savings • Labor Savings • Easy to Install • Will not Rot or Corrode • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership • Improved Driver Satisfaction •


Resilient Wall Panels

The Crane Composite structural floor solution is for medium-duty trucks and is suitable for direct chassis mounting without additional supports and the truck body assembled onto the floor. Weight savings of 30-35% can be achieved by replacing aluminum plank with a structural Composite Floors; for example, one customer reduced curb weight by 174 lbs on a truck body with an 89" x 16' 6" box.

Decking Floor Solution
FRP Panels for Cleanrooms

The Crane Composite decking floor solution is a durable, light weight, water resistant solution that commonly replaces wood and plywood. This will mount directly onto the existing sub-frame of your vehicle.

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Techical Data- Since all applications are unique, please contact Customer Service at 1.815.467.8600 for the most applicable technical data sheet