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Crane Composites is the world leader in the production of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) composite panels since 1954.  We have a reputation for outstanding customer support and employ over 650 people across five manufacturing locations to provide first class service... always!

With over 55 years in the Transportation market, Crane Composites was the first to introduce FRP liners to the truck trail market, the first to introduce full seamless light-weight liners, first to introduce translucent roofs and first to introduce liners with integral scuff. We remain dedicated to new product development and continuous improvement across these key transportation related products:

Kemlite® rebranded to Crane Composites in 2006 and continues to be the industry leader in the production of composite materials for the transportation sector.

linersInterior Liners

ArmorTuf | Kemlite

ArmorTuf is a high-impact resistant composite panel which out-performs reinforced thermoplastic products and standard chopped glass thermoset products. Kemlite standard FRP panels are lighter and more cleanable, more stain resistant, and more abrasion resistant than competitive FRP panels. Also, they are ideal as ceiling liners to prevent damage caused by load restraints.

translucent roofsTranslucent Roofs

Kemlite translucent roofs improve visibility for safer loading and unloading of cargo. They offer enhanced tear and puncture resistance when compared to other FRP products. These roof panels are acrylic modified and UV stabilized for resistance to weather and chemicals.


reefer roofsReefer Roofs

Kemlite Reefer Roof is a high-impact, durable, semi-rigid panel that is specifically designed and formulated to improve thermal efficiencies.


scuff platesScuff Plates

Kemlite STI is a high-impact, durable, semi-rigid panel that is more cleanable, stain resistant, and more abrasion resistant than competitive FRP panels. Kemlite STI is specifically designed and formulated for the use as a scuffplate to protect the lower portion of sidewall panels for refrigerated and dry van trailers and truck bodies.

Aerodynamic Side SkirtsAerodynamic Side Skirts

Aerodynamic Side Skirts are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels. They are high-impact, durable, semi-rigid panels that exhibit a high strength-to-weight ratio and have an expansion/contraction value similar to aluminum.

linersHybrid Panels

Crane Composites’ Hybrid Composite Solutions are made from highly-engineered composite materials, offering high strength-to-weight characteristics for structural and non-structural applications. These unique panels are comprised of various layers of high performance reinforcement and resins while utilizing a light-weight core.

panelsPanels for Refrigerated Seagoing Containers

Crane Composites is pleased to introduce the use of fiberglass reinforced plastic panels as interior liner panels for refrigerated seagoing containers. To date, there are over 8,000 composite lined containers in the field, some of which have been in service for over five years.

panelsPanels for Tank Cladding

ArmorTuf-NXT with gel-coat (AXSG) is ahigh-impact resistant composite panel made with FRP and specially formulated polyester resin. AXSG offers a durable tank wrap application that is flexible, reduces weight, and increases impact resistance.