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FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels

Crane Composites is the leading manufacturer of Glasbord, Innovative Finishes and a variety of other fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composite panels. Widely used throughout the construction and building materials industries. Inspired by the Kemlite tradition, Crane Composites has over 55 years of experience in building products and is a recognized industry leader in FRP applications.

FRP offers a number of significant features including resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, high impact strength, high moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, sanitary finish, low maintenance, and easy installation.

Request FRP Samples

Request FRP Samples

See below for information on our product line, multiple frp wall panel applications and the last new product information.

FRP Wall Panel Applications

Architects and end-users find Crane Composites' frp panels to be designer friendly with a variety of surface finishes and application opportunities. Click here to view our Photo Gallery.

Contractors prefer working with our FRP panels due to increased installation speed, when compared to painting or installing tile.
We have all the tools necessary to get the job done so you can move to the next project. Click here to see our
contractor focused flyer.

Restaurants Grocery Stores Car Washes
Convenience Stores Hospitals Schools
Food Processing Plants    

FRP Wall Panels for Cleanroom Applications

As the industries leading fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panel, Glasbord is the perfect solutions for cleanroom applications. Crane Composites’ Cleanroom Wall System features Glasbord panels that has been tested and certified by independent third parties. The cleanroom certified FRP wall panels are completed with the use of biological and chemically tested adhesive and seam sealant for wall panel applications and trim-free seams.

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GreenguardGREENGUARD Certified

The complete line of FRP wall and ceiling panels manufactured by Crane Composites, Inc. has earned GREENGUARD certification.

As a leading manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic panels, Crane Composites has progressively improved the quality of our products while increasing the use of low emitting materials. The GREENGUARD certification provides the confirmation that our efforts have been successful.

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Product Line Information

GlasbordInnovative Finishes

FRP With Performance & Presence

Innovative Finishes combines the traditional benefits of fiberglass reinforced plastic with various textures and patterns to provide a panel with presence and style that performs. The Innovative Finishes line includes our decorative finish DESIGNS panels and wall panels with alternative finishes and colors.


GlasbordGlasbord with Surfaseal

Embossed & Smooth FRP Panels

Glasbord with Surfaseal® panels are perfect for use in "back room" areas where a sanitary and durable finish that meets USDA/FSIS requirements is needed. Glasbord is mold and mildew free, moisture resistant, tough, easy to clean, and easy to install.

GlasbordKemply Laminated

Laminated FRP Panels

Glasbord can be laminated to a rigid substrate such as Gypsum, Plywood, Fluted Polypropylene, or Oriented Strand Board (OSB). The resulting panel has structural strength and rigidity, allowing fast and easy installation directly to studs on the wall or ceiling.


GlasbordSanigrid II

Fiberglass Ceiling Grid System

The Sanigrid II fiberglass ceiling grid system is known for its moisture and corrosion resistance in high humidity and chemical environment installations. It will not rust, pit, dent, or peel like the metal grid system.



Embossed, Smooth & Corrugated FRP Panels

FRP offers a number of significant features including resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, high impact strength, high moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, sanitary finish, and low maintenance.


GlasbordEngineered Solutions

Daylighting | Cooling Tower | Greenhouse | Industrial

Engineered to survive in harsh environments, FRP won't rot, rust, mold or mildew and resists corrosion from chemicals. Engineered FRP panels are available in various colors and weights to customize the light transmission.


GlasbordInstallation Accessories

Moldings | Rivets | Adhesive | Rollers | Trowels

Enhance the look of FRP wall panels with several options. All molding / trim offerings are available in four standard profiles including Division Bar, Inside Corner, Outside Corner, and End Cap.


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