Installation Accessories

Polypropylene/PVC Standard Moldings

For Glasbord with Surfaseal and Sequentia Traditional Wall Panels

Standard moldings are contractor grade moldings that are perfect for use with FRP panels. Crane Composites division bars feature patterned expansion control guides to assist with proper FRP installation. Available in 10' lengths in Glasbord and Sequentia standard colors.


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Silhouette Trims

For DESIGNS and VARIETEX Wall Panels

Silhouette Trims offer a narrow profile to minimize the seam. Available in TEXTURES standard colors .


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Polyurethane Seam Sealant

For Seamless Glasbord Wall Panel Installations

Crane Composites’ Seam Sealant sealant is an equal-mix, two-component bright white urethane sealant system used to bond and seal a variety of plastics and prepared metals.


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Beaded Panel molding

For VARIETEX Beaded Wall Panels

Specially designed beaded division bar to complement our beaded panels. Available in 10' lengths in cotton white (1130) color.


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Aluminum Trims

For DESIGNS and TEXTURES Wall Panels

Designed for a contrasting and upscale look. Available in 10' lengths in silver color.


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Polypropylene/PVC Wide Moldings

For Kemply Wall Panels

Contractor grade moldings that accommodate panels up to 0.437" thick as a one-piece or two-piece molding. Available in 10' lengths in white (85) color only.


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Closure Strips and Aluminum Rolls

For Sequentia Corrugated Panels

Horizontal wood and foam closures with vertical wood closures and aluminum side, end, and ridge rolls


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