Crane Composites has been in the business of lining transportation trailers and truck bodies since 1954. We introduced the Kemlite® standard liner product line in 1970, followed by our heavy duty liner product line, ArmorTuf®, in 2003. In 2010, Crane Composites introduced our high-strength ArmorTuf®-NXT line.


Crane Composites is the world leader in the production of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (frp) composite panels equipping trailers and truck bodies around the world with lightweight, cleanable, highly stain and abrasion resistant liners.


Whether you’re building a new trailer or truck body or refurbishing an existing one, always ask for CRANE. Only CRANE is available at thousands of aftermarket locations across the country.


Crane liner BENEFITS
  • Crane liners consist of an engineered matrix of glass reinforcement with multiple reinforcement options along with long strand chopped glass and polyester resin
  • Crane liners are comprised of a robust resin system engineered for surface hardness and durability


  • Crane liners maintain a consistent white appearance that is easy to clean
  • Crane liners also feature an abrasion resistant surface that keeps your vehicle looking better longer


Crane liner features

The points below showcase why Crane Composites’ thermoset liners are the superior solution when compared to thermoplastic liners:

Thermoset Liners

  • • Stains are easily removed and do not stay embedded on surface
  • • Hard, dense, resin rich surface that is easily cleaned
  • • Abrasion resistant
  • • No voids in surface

thermoplastic liners

  • • Stains are difficult to remove and are embedded on glass fibers on surface
  • • Porous surface that can easily trap dirt and moisture
  • • Scratches easily
  • • Voids in surface





Heavy Duty

High Strength

Medium Duty/Standard

Aftermarket Product

Applications Unit Strength Product Product Code Thickness
   Sidewall Liner Dry/Refrigerated Trailers & Truck Bodies

    ArmorTuf® High Impact Liner | Embossed EARM* 0.07"

    ArmorTuf® Heavy Duty Liner | Embossed EATR* 0.085"

    ArmorTuf® High Impact Liner | Smooth ARMT* 0.06" | 0.075"

    ArmorTuf®-NXT High Impact Liner | Embossed ANXT 0.075"

    ArmorTuf®-NXT High Impact Liner | Smooth AXS 0.065"

    ArmorTuf® High Impact Liner w/ Integral Scuff | Embossed EAIS* 0.07" Top
0.125" Scuff

  Kemlite® Lightweight Liner | Embossed LTR* 0.09" | 0.120"

Kemlite® Liner | Embossed AFL* 0.09"
   Ceiling Liner Dry/Refrigerated Trailers & Truck Bodies  

    Kemlite® High Strength Liner | Embossed

LHS* 0.06" | 0.07"

  Kemlite® Lightweight Liner | Embossed

LTR* 0.06"
   Subpan Liner Refrigerated Trailers & Truck Bodies    

  Kemlite® Lightweight Subpan | Embossed LTR-SP* 0.06"



Our ArmorTuf® brand is our premier line of high-impact, heavy-duty sidewall liners. ArmorTuf® liners are comprised of continuous woven roving fiberglass along with long strand chopped glass and durable polyester resin.


Our ArmorTuf®-NXT brand was introduced in 2010 and features liners that are value engineered for maximum strength by utilizing Crane Composites’ NexForce™ Technology, a unique composition of continuous uni-strand fiberglass roving along with long strand chopped glass and durable polyester resin.


Our Kemlite® brand is our legacy line of lightweight liners. Kemlite® products include long strand chopped glass and durable polyester resin.

What seperates Crane liners from the rest?

Surfaseal® is a unique surface to Crane Composites. This protective finish ensures that our panels will stand up to harsh conditions while maintaining a clean and sanitary surface. Many of our products, denoted with an asterisks(*) below, are equipped with this unique Surfaseal® finish, which allows for a panel with unmatched stain resistance and cleanability.

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